There is no single best ranking factor for SEO, as Google uses a variety of factors to determine where a website appears in search results. However, some of the most important ranking factors include:

  • Content quality: Google rewards websites with high-quality content that is relevant to the search terms users are using. This means that your website should have well-written, informative content that is free of errors.
  • Backlinks: Backlinks are links from other websites to yours. Google sees backlinks as votes of confidence, so the more backlinks your website has, the higher it may rank in search results.
  • Keyword optimization: When you optimize your website for keywords, you are essentially telling Google what your website is about. This helps Google to better understand your content and rank it more accurately.
  • Mobile-friendliness: Google now favors websites that are mobile-friendly. This means that your website should be designed to be easy to use on smartphones and tablets.

In addition to these factors, Google also considers a variety of other factors, such as page speed, site structure, and user engagement. By optimizing your website for these factors, you can improve your chances of ranking well in search results.